About groats

Dobra Kasza Nasza 

cuisine as longstanding as Poland

            For the people of Poland groats [kasha] were the basis of a diet for as long as thousand years. It wasn’t until the 19th c. with the advancement in agricultural production that it gave way to the more “modern” potatoes and wheat.

            Here in Dobra Kasza Nasza we are nurturing the tradition of the dish that is not only a part of our cultural identity but also a healthy alternative to the ever so common pizza, fries and pasta.


         Millet groats, produced from proso millet, is incredibly popular for those on gluten-free diet. It is sometimes called “the queen of groats” due to its both delicate flavour and antiviral properties. With the high content of B vitamins, salts, lecithin and silica it also has a favourable influence on joints, skin and hair.

Pearl barley is considered the tastiest wheat groats. It makes for up to 70% of the groats eaten and produced in Poland. It consists of a valuable fibre – beta-glucan, found only in wheat and oat, capable of reducing bad cholesterol by as much as 24%.

Buckwheat groats are best known in the Slavic countries as being the healthiest groats mainly because of amino acids and potassium fit for improving your mood by adjusting the nervous system. Even the pharmaceutical industry uses buckwheat as a source of rutin and organic acids.